One of London’s newest spa, Covent Garden’s AIRE (pronounced aye-ear-ay) is a fabulous multi-sensory experience, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices. Unlike anywhere else in the UK, this impressive subterranean spa takes you on a journey, meandering through five pools of varying temperatures and salinity levels, and including the bubble fest that is ‘the bath of 1000 jets’. There are various packages available, with or without added treatments, and even a red wine bath if vino-bathing floats your boat.

The ambient Moroccan-style lighting and orange blossom scent transport you to exotic climes, while you flit and float your way to your treatment of choice. A literally immersive and fun spa experience Aire’s great for friends, couples, and spa soloists alike. Try The Relaxing Experience for a great intro to the concept, allowing you to enjoy the full spa at your own pace before indulging in a massage in one of the treatment rooms upstairs.

Granted, it’s not cheap, but think of it like a holiday, trip to the theatre and spa visit rolled into one.

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