The spavellous list 2022

Welcome to the Spavellous List – bringing you the best, and only the best, of UK spas and wellness

So, what makes a Spavellous spa? They’re special places that offer experiences that make you feel great, where:

~ you leave feeling better than when you arrived – in body and spirit

~ you’re a name, not a number

~ they  offer that elusive combination of care and professionalism, facilities and expertise, pampering and personal touch 

~ facilities are immaculate and every little last detail has been considered 

the benefits last beyond your visit

Every spa on the Spavellous List below has earned its place and been chosen by our independent experts. 

We’ll be adding more full reviews during 2022 and will review the list every year to make sure it continues to feature the crème de la crème.  So, you can choose your next spa visit with confidence and live your most Spavellous life.

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